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IGRA Organizational Announcement

On October 31, 2017, during a duly convened IGRA Board of Directors meeting, with a quorum of 18 members present, two actions were taken. First, President Bruce Gros was removed from office, for cause. This motion was passed by a majority vote. President Gros has been incommunicado for over 30 days and is unreachable by the organization, board members and member organizations. Second, Candy Pratt was appointed to fill the vacated term, as President of IGRA through December 31, 2018. This difficult and extraordinary action by the board was made in the best interests of IGRA and it's member organizations . The Board would like to thank Bruce Gros for his service to date and wish him well in the future. The IGRA board is asking all members to welcome President Pratt and support her in her duties as IGRA President at this challenging time.

expires 2018

Anthony Valdez

Ron Trusley

expires 2017

David Hill

expires 2018

Lorry King
Division 1 Chair

Michael Brent
Division 2 Chair

Candy Pratt
Division 3 Chair (Chair of Trustees)

Gene Fraikes
Division 4 Chair

First posted May 6, 2015
Last update Nov 5, 2017