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International Gay Rodeo Association
Committee Chairs
Administrative Assistant
Tommy Channel
Animal Issues and Concerns
Association Presidents
Sandy Bidwell
Scott Harvey
David Hill
By Laws
Benjamin Avant
Contestant Liasion
David Lawson
Deb Freeman - Div I, Greg Begay - Div 2, Janet Stange - Div 3, Bruce Casey - Div 4
Convention 2017
Sandy Bidwell
Convention 2018
Mary Honeycutt
Corporate Auditor
Ed Barry
Anthony Valdez
Dance Event Coordinator Wade Earp, Clint Coil, Doreen Rue, Steve Wollert, Richard Rogers, Buck Beal, Mary Honeycutt
Mr. IGRA 2017
Mark Christensen
1st Runner-Up - Tennent Emmons, 2nd Runner-Up - Rickey Phoummany
Miss IGRA 2017
Kelly ONeil
1st Runner-Up - Nikki Starr, 2nd Runner-Up - Yolanda Deherrera
Ms. IGRA 2017
Black Widow (Allyson Paige Henry)
Hall of Fame
Amy Griffin
Roger Bergmann, Carl Stange, Candy Pratt, Michael Vrooman
Health & Safety
Roger Japp
Information Technology Task
David Hill
Lead Christopher Redden, Gene Fraikes, Adam Romanik
Ron Trusley
Wade Earp
Membership Standing Committee
Bruce Gros
Bradley Sanchez Houseton
Frank Mazzo
Public Relations
Ryan Reed
Rodeo Officials
Guy Puglisi
Arena Directors & Arena Crew
Jeanne McLeod
Chute Coordinators
Denise Reinhart-Stange
Jack Morgan
Tom Sheridan
Auditors, Secretaries and Scorekeepers
Guy Puglisi
Rodeo Rules
John Hill
Frank Harrell
Womens Outreach
Lilia Phleger
World Gay Rodeo Finals
Lisa Smith, Rodeo Director, Marcus Hood - 1st Assistant Rodeo Director, Robin Cagle - Assistant Rodeo Director at Large, Steve Wollert - Assistant Rodeo Director at Large, Wade Earp - Assistant Rodeo Director at Large, David Lawson - Entertainment Chair - Tommy Channel, Contestant Liaison, Jonathan Suder - Committee Member, Colby Roberts - Committee Member, Sammy Simpkin - Committee Member
First posted May 6, 2015
Last update Mar 22, 2017
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