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IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals

World Gay Rodeo Finals®

October 24-27, 2019
16601 N. Pima Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

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Howdy! Welcome to the International Gay Rodeo Association's (IGRA) World Gay Rodeo Finals® 2019 Public Relations resource page. Our Public Relations team is committed to providing services to you, the media, in your much-appreciated support of the World Gay Rodeo Finals® (WGRF®). It is here that you will find the official source for authorized information about every aspect of the World Gay Rodeo Finals®. We also serve as the liaison between WGRF® and all venues of today's media-- including printed materials, internet news, photography, video, telecast, live coverage, and more. WGRF® Public Relations provides the information, instructions, authorization, and credentials for persons or organizations who desire priority access to our host arena, Westworld of Scottsdale, which are not available to the public. We want to aid you in any way possible to facilitate your deeply valued coverage of this preeminent event in the exciting, welcoming, and community-driven world of LGBTQ rodeo.


Founded in 1985, The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) is an organization comprised of numerous regional Gay Rodeo Associations from across the United States and Canada. IGRA, in collaboration with Member Associations, assists in raising and donating thousands of dollars to charity in their communities each year. Over two million dollars, as reported by our Member Associations, has been raised and distributed for HIV awareness and other LGBTQ health and social welfare needs. The LGBTQ communities of the United States and Canada have been enriched by the educational efforts of IGRA through its sanctioning and sponsorship of the various events and activities which are a part of what we call "Gay Rodeo"-- which first had its beginnings in 1976. IGRA is committed to maintaining the traditions of the timeless American sport of rodeo, yet equally committed to being progressive and evolving with each generation of the LGBTQ community at large. In the spirit of inclusivity, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to register and compete in IGRA events, regardless of experience level or sexual identification or orientation.


The 33rd Annual World Gay Rodeo Finals® (WGRF®) is the culminating competition weekend of the IGRA rodeo year. In 2019, the IGRA's 19 member associations have scheduled nine local and regional rodeos across the United States and Canada. IGRA contestants compete for points at the wide variety of rough stock, roping, speed, and camp events throughout the IGRA calendar year. At the season's end, the top 20 men, women, and teams in each event will receive invitations to perform in the World Gay Rodeo Finals®, presented by IGRA. It is truly a showcase of the excitement and the mastery of the sport of rodeo, with some of the hardest-working Contestants showing their skills and getting both their own and the audience's adrenaline running. Approximately 100 contestants from all over the US and Canada are expected to attend. The Finals are also a showcase for the glamour, pageantry, and high spirit that is represented by the diverse and colorful Royal family of LGBTQ rodeo. In addition to the sporting events, IGRA holds its annual Royalty Competition where Mr. (male-identified), Miss (drag artist), Ms. (female-identified), and MsTer (non-gender binary identified) are selected from their local associations' title holders to represent IGRA nationally and to raise funds for IGRA's designated charities.


The animals that participate in our rodeo activities are a critical part of our heritage. The men and women of IGRA encourage all to have and to maintain a healthy respect for the well treatment of these animals. IGRA endorses and adopts the promotion of animal welfare and the humane, responsible treatment of animals in their housing, feeding, training, exercising, and competition. We strive to assure that our events are purposefully tailored and executed to provide animal and human participants the safest environment possible-- and shall act to immediately disqualify or reprimand any contestant, official or contracted personnel found to be treating animals in an inhumane manner. Specific animal welfare guidelines are clearly established on the IGRA website.


The 2019 World Gay Rodeo Finals® are being held at:
Westworld of Scottsdale
16601 N. Pima Rd
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260.
October 24-27, 2019

Nicknamed "The West's Most Western Town", Scottsdale, Arizona is located in the Salt River Valley, famously known as "Valley of the Sun". Scottsdale, in the Greater Phoenix area, is known for being a family-friendly town as well as being welcoming to the LGBTQ community. Westworld of Scottsdale is a 300,000 square foot, climate-controlled event space on 386 acres of unblemished desert at the base of the McDowell Mountains.

The 33rd Annual World Gay Rodeo Finals® promises to be a major national event of interest, including but not limited to the worldwide sporting and LGBTQ communities. Remember: Our Public Relations Team is at your service! Photos, interviews, and further resources are available upon request. For more information, or to register as a media representative or photographer for the World Gay Rodeo Finals®, please contact us below. Now... Let's rodeo!

First posted May 14, 2019
Last update May 29, 2019