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Rodeo Production Guidebook


Contestant Fee Breakdown

Entry Fees will be $25 per Event - per day and are distributed as follows:
$ 17.00Contestant Day Money Awarded at the end of the Rodeo
$ 4.00Hosting Association Kept by Hosting Association
$ 2.00IGRA Finals Day Money Held in Escrow by IGRA
$ .50IGRA online regestration system to support contestant online infrastructure
$ 1.00IGRA Finals Arena Fund Held in Escrow by IGRA
$ .50IGRA General Fund Paid at the end of the Rodeo

Requirements for Use of the IGRA Logo

A member association holding a rodeo that has been sanctioned must use the International logo to appear in all advertising and promotional materials related to that rodeo. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

*If directly related to promoting the rodeo - business card sized ads are exempt (this rule applies to the IGRA logo only!)

Rule of thumb: If it has the Rodeo date on it - use the IGRA logo.

Any member association not using the International logo as required per IGRA Bylaws can be assed a fine of five percent (5%) of the gate receipts related to that rodeo.

Art Directors: It is not permissible to alter the image or proportions of the IGRA logo in any way.

First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016