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Rodeo Production Guidebook


Pre-Rodeo and Rodeo Review Board (RRB) Meetings

At rodeos where no regular board of directors meeting is scheduled, the Trustees present shall conduct a pre-rodeo meeting. The Trustees present at the pre-rodeo meeting will designate a Trustee to complete the IGRA Rodeo Checklist and the IGRA Sponsorship checklist. In addition, a Trustee will be selected to act as Protest Trustee.

The Trustees present will also conduct a rodeo review board meeting at the conclusion of every rodeo, but no sooner than thirty (30) minutes after the conclusion of all events.

The Trustee Chairperson or a Vice-Chairperson will chair these meetings. If the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson is not present, an election by the Trustees present shall designate a Chairperson of the Trustees present for that rodeo only.

If the Hosting Association Trustee believes any fines assessed by the Rodeo Review Board (RRB) to be the result of an error, action, or omission by an IGRA Certified Official, the Trustee may request that the RRB waive said fine(s). The Trustees present at the RRB Meeting shall determine whether or not to waive the fine(s) before the vote to approve the rodeo. Regardless of the findings, the Trustee completing the Checklist will have a letter sent to the Chairperson of the Certified Official regarding the areas of concern.

Business Conducted at the Rodeo Review Board shall include:

A trustee will be appointed to take minutes at the Rodeo Review meeting. Copies of those minutes along with the Rodeo & Sponsorship Checklist will be given to the IGRA auditor for presentation at the next IGRA Board of Directors meeting where rodeo sanctioning will be determined.

Penalties and Fines

The following penalties will be imposed for any violations found to be valid:
  1. A fifty dollar ($50.00) fine per violation for a first offense.
  2. A one-hundred dollar ($100.00) fine and one (1) year probation per second violation for an offense at the same rodeo within any consecutive three (3) year period. Multiple probationary periods invoked in the same year run concurrently.
  3. A hearing will be held to determine disciplinary action up to and including suspension of the rodeo for a third violation at the same rodeo within any consecutive three (3) year period.

NOTE: Veterinarian non-compliance will result in the Rodeo Host Association/Chapter being fined $1,500 for the entire rodeo. A second (2nd) consecutive rodeo violation will result in the Rodeo Host Association/Chapter being fined $3,000 for the entire rodeo and be suspended from hosting a sanctioned IGRA rodeo the next year.

The fines imposed by the RRB do not affect the sanctioning of a rodeo. Fines are imposed only to ensure future compliance with International Rodeo Rules and Guidelines. Fines are due to be paid to the IGRA Treasurer within thirty (30) days of the postmarked date on the notification letter.

In the case that any portion of Rule XVII (Parade & Grand Entry) is not followed, the Host Association will be fined only if Trustees conclude that no effort whatsoever has been made to conform to this Rule.

For the IGRA Finals Rodeo, each arena variance, including, but not limited to chutes and roping boxes, shall incur a $250.00 fine.

Additional fines may be levied by the withholding of post-rodeo sponsorship money, pending a determination by the IGRA Board of Directors during review of rodeo compliance.

First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016