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Rodeo Production Guidebook


By Brian Helander

Health and Safety issues are primary considerations at all Rodeos on the IGRA circuit. The Rodeo Director plays an important role in taking responsibility and providing leadership for the safety of the volunteers, contestants, attendees and all other persons on the grounds. The most important action a rodeo director can take when a safety issue is identified is to stop the rodeo, consult with safety conscious, experienced trustees, senior contestants, officials and crew, and resolve the issue(s) before proceeding. If the resolution is unclear, err on the side of safety and develop a safe alternative. Serious accidents, up to and including fatality may result due to cavalier attitudes about safety.

The following are key concepts for the Rodeo Director to consider before and during the Rodeo.

Health Considerations:

Safety Considerations:
First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016