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International Gay Rodeo Association
Rodeo Production Guidebook

Important due dates associatied with IGRA rodeos

  1. Association Membership Dues
    Due 60 days prior to IGRA Convention
    By-law Article IV, Sec 6 para. C

  2. Rodeo Application and Sanction Fee
    Standing Rule XIV. IGRA Div. Rodeos and Rodeo Approval Section 7
    A. At least (6) months prior to planned rodeo date and
    B. Before the beginning of the prior year's annual convention.

  3. Rodeo liability certification and additional insurance request, due Administrative Assistant 30 days prior to event

  4. Rodeo Settlement Sheet, Due to the IGRA Treasurer within 30 days of Rodeo

  5. Rodeo Rule 1 Requirements,
    13. Publish rules, regulations and distribution of International sponsorship money sixty (60) days prior to the first performance of the rodeo.
    22. Variances must be included in the rodeo application or approval by IGRA Board of Trustees no later than 60 days prior to the rodeo.

  6. Hall of Fame nomination forms due to IGRA Administration Assistant
    Due 7 days before 2nd board meeting of the year
NOTE: Spring and fall contestant mailings were dropped at the 2008 IGRA Convention. All information is now supplied electronically and through the website.
First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016