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Rodeo Production Guidebook


Tamara Marks & Bryn Geerdes


  1. The IGRA Finals Rodeo (Finals Rodeo) may not be scheduled within two (2) weeks of the annual convention.
  2. The Finals Rodeo, when and if held, shall be hosted and/or sponsored by a Member Association(s) and only if said Member Association(s) has held a rodeo within their Member Association's area prior to bidding on the Finals Rodeo.
  3. Finals Rodeo Arena Fund.
    1. There shall be an escrow fund funded from sanction fee of fifty cents ($.50) per single rodeo performance ticket sold during the rodeo year (See Standing Rule XIII IGRA Divisions, Rodeos, and Rodeo Approval, Section 3, Paragraph B) and fifty cents ($.50) per event/per day/per contestant entry fee (see Rodeo Rule II Registration, Number 13).
    2. A Member Association hosting a Finals Rodeo may request up to $16,000 (based on availability) for the purpose of financing an arena in which to stage the Finals Rodeo and financing the stock contractor. Arena, stock, and related contracts must be submitted to the IGRA Board before dispersal of payment from IGRA.
    3. Excess funds in Finals Rodeo Arena Fund at end of rodeo year will roll over to the next year's finals fund.
  4. Selection of the host Member Association(s) shall be made at the annual convention two (2) years prior to the rodeo dates. If a Host Member Association is not selected at the IGRA Annual Convention two (2) years prior, then the selection may be made at the convention one (1) year prior. Proposals should be sent to the Finals Rodeo Committee no later than sixty (60) days prior to convention in order that the committee can make any recommendations for changes in a manner as to allow Hosting Association(s) time to consider and act upon these recommendations. A final report on proposals will be made by the committee to the convention prior to consideration of said proposals at said convention.
  5. Selection, if any, shall be by a majority vote of the voting delegates based on the bid(s) submitted.
  6. The Host Member Association(s) shall include three (3) representatives from IGRA appointed by the President to serve as rodeo committee advisors.
  7. The Finals Rodeo will be conducted in accordance with IGRA-sanctioned rodeo rules in all respects.
  8. Establish a Rookie of Year Award for contestants in their first year of IGRA competition. Winners are determined by the male and female contestants earning the most total points in IGRA rodeos for that year. Buckles are to be awarded at Finals Rodeo.

Information That Should Be Included in Your Bid:


Preparation Guidelines for Producing IGRA Finals Rodeo

Additional Rodeo Staff needed: Radio's needed:
*Decide on how best to communicate to your Vet and Ambulance

Arena or Stock Contractor must supply the following:

The IGRA Finals Arena Fund can be utilized for:

Host Hotel Room Booking History:

Average Number Camping: 25
Average Number of Stalls: 55 + 10 Tack stalls

IGRA Royalty Competition:

Finals Staff:
Consider having more than one Assistant Rodeo Director. This will allow you to concentrate on a designated area and delegate other areas to your Assistant(s) and not having to be in more than one place at one time. (Example: Assistant #1 could be in charge of all hotel activities, Program, Advertising and all volunteers, Assistant #2 could be in charge of vendors, merchandising, food and beverage, Assistant #3 could be in charge of Barn, Camping, Trash, Hospitality, while you take care of Front Gate, Security, Awards, Grand Entry, Sponsorship Compliance, Rodeo Operations, and oversee Treasurer.)

Important Note:
It is very important to send "Thank you" letters to all of your sponsors, advertisers, donors ... and even a note to all your volunteers. This will help keep the doors open for the following rodeo year.

Finals Budget Tips:
See the Finals Budget Preparation Guidelines in this chapter

First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016