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Rodeo Production Guidebook


It is the contestants' responsibility to:
  1. Have all necessary equipment for their events.
  2. Fill out a shared rigging form for all events they are sharing a rigging for.
  3. Know how to rig their own animal.
  4. Make arrangements for "Safety" and "Puller" in advance of their events.
  5. Know all Rules posted in the IGRA Rule book, under their events, the Timers, Scorekeepers, and
    1. Judges sections as well.
    2. Be prepared to Rig their own animal when the Chute Coordinator or line up coordinator assigns the contestant their animal.
    3. Make sure the Rigging is set correctly to allow the "puller" to be able to pull. This should ensure there are no twists in the loop of the rigging.
  6. Properly adjust the "loop" in the rigging to adjust for varying sizes of stock.

Equipment for Bull / Steer Riding:

Required: Recommended:

Contestant should have equipment ready and be prepared well in advance of the event starting.

Contestant should report to Chute Coordinator or Line Up Coordinator to check in, so they know you are there and ready, and to assign you the chute/animal you will ride. This person will advise you when to rig your animal.

Contestant should rig their own animal so they can adjust the loop to fit, and allow the pre-rosined tail and hand grip to be in the wrap of the hand. Hand, Wrist, Elbow should be wrapped in a preventative manner if contestant chooses to, but should be prepared well in advance. Ideally, at the start of the event, when animals are being loaded, contestant should be I the general area of the Chutes, fully prepared to rig, and ride.

Equipment for Bareback Bronc Riding:
First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016