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International Gay Rodeo Association
Rodeo Production Guidebook

IGRA Stock Requirements

The rules for stock sizes and weights are set at the annual convention and tend to change from year to year. Refer to Rodeo Rule Book for current size requirements

Horn Specifications:
The objective is to have horns smooth or rounded without jagged edges.

Bull Horns Diameter of a Fifty Cent piece Bull Riding
Steer Horns Diameter of a Quarter All Steer Events
Steer Horns Minimum of 7" long measured
from hairline - both sides & Diameter of a Dime
Camp Events and Chute Dogging

All stock must be run through the event chutes and the arena prior to the start of the rodeo, where conditions permit.

The Arena Director and/or Chute Coordinator may pull rodeo livestock from competition for the following reasons:

  1. Unfit: A. Unfit: If animals are found to be unfit on the first day of the rodeo, they shall be pulled form competition. These animals can be re-evaluated on the second day of the rodeo and may be used if found to be fit. The stock contractor will be informed that a veterinarian is available.
  2. Hazardous: If any animal is pulled at any time due to the animal's behavior which could jeopardize the contestants' well being, these animals are to be visibly marked and will not be used for that event for the remainder of the weekend.
Some stock contractors ask rodeos to put up banners on the return gates. This is done so the animals can see that the gate is closed. The animals are run through the Arena a few times before the rodeo to train them where the return gate is. Without a banner the animals could run in the closed gate. Check with your stock contractor to see if he wants banners on the return gates.
First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Jan 1, 2016